FamilySearch 中心

Vista California FamilySearch Center


1310 N Foothill Drive
Vista, CA 92084-4048


The Center is open by appointment at other times. Please call Jan Whitaker 760-212-6673 or Tana Anderson 515-238-6628 to schedule.


  • Spoken Languages: English,Español,Deutsch
  • Computers
  • Local books or records
  • Microfilm reader
  • Photo scanner
  • Printer


A New Look at
April 25, 2024 | 19:00
FamilySearch is so much more than a depository for records and access to a world family tree. Learn what is new at FamilySearch and how to make the most of this amazing Free resource.
How to Begin your Family History Research - PART 1
May 23, 2024 | 19:00
This is the first night of a two-part class to help you begin your Family History journey. Tailored to those who are true genealogy beginners or those who just need a refresher.
How to Begin your Family History Research - PART 2
June 27, 2024 | 19:00
Come to this class if your want to learn how to make your genealogy work more rewarding. Tailored for those who are true beginners or just need a refresher.

FamilySearch 中心是什麼樣的?

FamilySearch 中心可在許多類型的建築物中找到,像是教會或圖書館。那些中心向公眾開放,並提供獨家的紀錄和免費使用的科技。中心的工作人員接受過訓練,可以幫助你進行研究和家譜探索。